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Scott Delaney's Rating System

My rating system is comprised of a simple money management plan that everyone can follow easily. Whereas you can get confused with everyone else's ludicrous million-star ratings.

First and foremost, let's get this out of the way right off the bat - all Pay-After-I-Win selections will be 10-Dime releases - the garden variety play from The Big Dog.

My suggestion for my long-term players is to focus on a calculated bankroll you want to invest long-term for your multi-day package, or concentrate on your maximum investment daily and fit that into the rating system being given on that particular day.

If you're investing long-term, and you're starting with a bankroll of $50,000, my suggestion is to always concentrate on 1 or 2% of the bankroll being used as the maximum investment for my highest play.

For instance: you have a $50K bankroll and you decide your max investment is going to be 1% ($500), that means you will move $500 on every 100-Dime release. And according to my ratings, your investments would be as follows: 20 Dime ($100), 40 Dime ($200), 60 Dime ($300), 80 Dime ($400), 100 Dime ($500).

As your bankroll grows, obviously, your 1% max investment will grow accordingly.

If you base your investments on max allowed per day, and, say, you're looking at investing no more than $1,000 for the plays in the One-Day Package. If I am releasing two 40-Dime plays, an 80 Dime and a 100 Dime play, you have a total of 260 Dimes of action. It's then simple math to determine what you're playing:

 $1,100 (with the vig) / 260 Dimes of action = $4.23 per dime... so, your wagers would be:

40 Dime - $169.20

80 Dime - $338.40

100 Dime - $423

Obviously I am not telling you to bet down to the penny, or the odd dollar, but you get the point in how to break down your investments with my rated plays.

The most important thing to remember is to follow money management, and apply my ratings to your budget accordingly.

Who is Scott Delaney?

Scott "Big Dog" Delaney believes the key to gambling success is to findvaluein the lines. He's always searching for undervalued favorites and big time dogs as he tries to maximize your earnings potential.


How is it an undermanned, lesser opponent on any given day can harness the energy to outplay a far superior team? The answer to that question is Scott's secret to success.


Scott's ability to win and win big earned him a reputation as one of the sharpest of the the sharps in Las Vegas. He ultimately opened a small sports investment company in Las Vegas that catered to many of the uninformed players that needed help to win. Private clients that won huge sums of money on a regular basis helped Scott build the business into the worldwide sports information network it is today.


The driving force for Scott is knowing how many “regular” guys are using his expertise to earn a profit on a weekly basis.

Free College Football Winner

I can only hope you haven't ignored my winners the past two weeks, as I nailed another easy winner last night, scoring my 50 Dime College Winner #3 of 4, with the Over on Boise State and BYU. That came on the heels of last night's 200-Dime winner on the Denver Broncos.

I've made $10 bettors $4,785 in just 13 days of action.

Tonight I put that money to work with my 50 Dime Mac Game of the Year.

Let's just take a glance at the last 13 days, shall we:
  • Sunday 10/12: 40 Dime Winner, Eagles over the Giants, NFL action
  • Monday 10/13: 40 Dime Winner, 49ers over the Rams, NFL action
  • Tuesday 10/14: 40 Dime Winner, Giants over Cardinals, NLCS action
  • Wed. 10/15: 25 Dime Winner, Giants over Cardinals, NLCS action
  • Thurs. 10/16: 100 Dime Winner, Giants over Cardinals, NLCS action
  • Friday 10/17: 30 Dime Loser, Under Boise/Fresno, College action
  • Saturday 10/18: 40 Dime Loser, BYU vs. Reno, College action
  • Sunday 10/19: 60 Dime Winner, Over Giants/Cowboys, NFL action
  • Monday 10/20: 30 Dime Loser, Texans vs. Pittsburgh, NFL action
  • Tuesday 10/21: 40 Dime Loser, Ark State vs. ULL, College action
  • Wednesday 10/22: 80 Dime Winner, Royals over Giants, MLB action
  • Thursday 10/23: 200 Dime Winner, Denver over Chargers, NFL action
  • Friday 10/24: 50 Dime Winner, Over Boise St/BYU, College action
Again, my $10 Bettors have made $4,785 the past 13 days, playing all my games. That list above doesn't include the Pay-After winners, like the Chiefs OUTRIGHT over San Diego last Sunday and Missouri outright at Florida last Saturday.

I'm also on a 100-70-1 run with Pay-After plays, so don't miss my Pay-After play.


50 Dime
College Winner #4 of 5

Ball State at Akron

Winning Day #10 of 14

$10 Bettors have made
$4,785 in just 13 days

Let's make some money!!!

My free play is a lookahead to Saturday, as I like the very last game in the rotation, with Arizona State laying points on the road to Washington in Pac 12 action.

I've been saying this for weeks now, that Arizona State is a real deal, and can win the Pac 12 with its revamped defense. It's gotten a little hand with the disrespect this team has endured all season. It's starting to come around, but I think this will be the week everyone will realize just how good the Sun Devils are this year.

This is a fast and athletic team, one that has become exciting to watch on defense and special teams, because you never know what this team is going to do. ASU is capable of making a big play with any of its three units on the field. And Saturday night, even on its own field, I don't see how Washington will be able to compete against the ASU's talented skill-position players.

ASU's defense has been rebuilt and has some true athletes in the secondary. It's the stop unit that is a big reason the Devils are ranked 14th in the nation, and now it meets a Washington team that is struggling to work on bowl eligibility while hoping to salvage another season with losses to Oregon and Stanford. And you can expect to see an aggressive approach, as Washington quarterback Cyler Miles is questionable, all based on whether or not he's cleared after suffering a concussion against Oregon. If not, the Huskies will turn to redshirt freshman Troy Williams.

On the other side of the ball, the Devils are working around a beefed up offensive line that has improved since last season, and that looked solid last week in protecting quarterback Taylor Kelly, who has been nursing an ankle injury. Either Kelly or Mike Bercovici have proven capable for the Devils this season. I also like the fact ASU can depend on running back D.J. Foster, one of two backs in the country with at least 600 yards rushing and 300 yards receiving this season.

With ASU controlling the Pac 12 South, and two big games against Utah and Arizona looming, there's no time to lose focus just yet. Play the Sun Devils in this one, and be sure you're buying the half point down from anything you see, as I notice the line is ranging from -3 to -3.5 as of Thursday afternoon.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦
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