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I appreciate the opportunity to be one of the inaugural handicappers involved with the WNBA this season.

I've always held the pro women's league close to my heart since my college days.

I can tell you I was a wild child out of Hebrew School, and when I decided to take a stab at college. The latter didn't last, as it wasn't something for me.

But back then, during my time on the East Coast, I dated a girl for a short amount of time from a women's basketball powerhouse out of the Big East. I'm not going to put her name out there - after all, I was dating out of my league - but she was someone who went on to play in the WNBA a little more than a decade ago.

Ever since then, I've always had one eye on the WNBA, cheering for certain players no matter which team they'd end up on. I can't lie, I've always had a fancy for the league and by keeping tabs on their personal lives through social media, and watching the travel habits, and nuances of certain players on certain teams, I've found success in betting spot games because of many of the tendencies.

I don't go crazy in the league, but I do enjoy those occasional plays that make sense to me.
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Josh Duffy's Rating System

Let's keep it simple so you know exactly how much I like a game.

All plays are rated on a 10 Dime to 100 Dime scale in increments of five dimes.

Obviously a 50 dime play is twice as strong as a 25 dime release and so on and so forth.


I don't release plays every single day. If I love something, you'll see it here at the site. 

Who Is Josh Duffy?

I grew up on Long Island. My Dad was a gambler and he loved to play the ponies.

I never got into horse racing, though; just not my thing. 

Same with playing poker. My friends loved it, but I found it boring. 

Sports gambling? Now you're talking. I got hooked early; been betting since I was 17. 

Let's just say sports offered me an opportunity to use my skill set in a game that I was much, much more prepared for than most of my friends at Hebrew School.

How did I end up here? My Dad knows Stevo. And I appreciate the opportunity I've been given. The only promise, the only guarantee I'll make is this: When you see a play here it's because I love the game. It's that simple.