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Saturday's Promo # 3

SAVE $70

Jeff Benton - Winning Day # 10 of 12

3rd Ever 
200 DIME 
College Lock of his Career

Revenge Game of the Year - Part 2

Part 1 - Last Saturday - Rice over North Texas
- you got it for $44, a savings of $75 off the regular price -
just like today's play

SAVE $70

4 Times Bigger than Friday's 50 Dimer on the Griz-Pacers Over
- a winner you got for just $7.77 -

4 Times Bigger than Thursday's winner on the Saints
and Monday's on the Redskins

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Saturday's Promo # 4

SAVE $95

Trace Adams

5th Ever 
Football Play in 11 Years

College Total of the Year
- the best bet he says among today's 50 games -

Matches his 2500* NFL Total of the Year
- Broncos/49ers Over two weeks ago -
that you got for just $19, a savings of $90 off the regular price
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Bigger than his 2000* on Auburn vs. FSU in last year's title game

Bigger than his 1500* Super Bowl Winner on the Seahawks

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Saturday's Promo # 5


Craig Davis - 2nd Biggest College Play of his Career

Pac-12 Game of the Year

Arizona - UCLA at 10:30 PM Eastern

Winning Day # 10 of 14 Overall

Last Sunday you got his 1st Ever 150 Dimer
- Saints pummeling Green Bay -
for just $49, a savings of $70 off the regular price

Bigger than his 50 Dimer on the Saints at Carolina on Thursday

Bigger than his 30 Dimer on Cincy & Over at Tulane last night

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More Saturday Discounts Available by 9 AM Eastern

Important Note

If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site, 
simply contact Customer Service and they will tell you where to find them

Winning Day # 10 of 12

-  $10 bettor up $14,730 since early April -


3rd EVER
200 DIME
College Football Lock of my Career

Revenge Game of My Career - Part 2

Game has not started

Matches last Saturday's 200 Dime Winner
Rice beating North Texas by 20

And you got it for just $44, a savings of $75 off the regular price

4 Times Bigger than Thursday's 50 Dimer on Saints over Panthers,
& Friday's 50 Dimer on Grizzlies-Pacers Over the Total
- a winner you picked up for $7.77 -
Biggest College Release of My Career

Fifth Ever
2500♦ Release

College Total of My Career

Matches my
2500♦ NFL Total of My Career 49ers-Broncos OVER
back on October 19th

- A winner you got for only $19, that was $90 off the regular price! -

Bigger than my 2000♦ Championship Winner - Auburn plus the points against Florida State.

Almost TWICE AS BIG as my 1500♦ Super Bowl Winner - Seattle outright over Denver.

Yeah boys, it is just that big!

Plus, 500♦ Pay-After Saturday Dog Shocker

This dog getting no respect, and way too many points.

Must win, or you will NOT be charged!

In Trace We Trust

#6 In A Row Today !!!  #6 In A Row Today !!




100 DIME

Home Dog Shocker

#5 In A Row Last Sunday
Carolina (+5 1/2) over Seattle

#4 In A Row Sunday 10/19
Colts (-3) 27-0 over Cincy

#3 In A Row Sunday 10/5
Niners (-4 1/2) 26-21 over Philly

#2 In A Row Sunday 9/28
Seattle(-5 1/2) 26-20 over Denver

#1 Saturday 9/20
Arkansas St (-2 1/2) 27-21 over Utah St



5 Of 6 Winning Weeks

5 Straight 100 Dime Winners

3 Straight 150 Dime Winners

$10 bettor up $3,870 Last 43 Days


FRIDAY - 20 Dime Cincinnati - WINNER

Biggest College Play in 11 Years at This Site

Sixth Ever 
Blank Check 
Waive The Rating
College Game of my Career

Loser - Memphis (First Half) vs. Tulsa

10-2 in 11 years at this site with all Blank Check releases, 
including 9-1 in the October

Matches my 5th Ever College Blank Checker
Florida State (-3) rallies to win at Louisville 42-31 on Thursday -
a winner you got for $59, a savings of $60 off the regular price

Matches my 3rd and 4th Ever College Blank Checkers
Cincy (-10) clubbing South Florida last Friday -
- TCU trampling T-Tech 82-27 last Saturday -
both of which you got for $49, a savings of $70 off the regular price

Just as powerful as my 4th Ever NFL Blank Check Play
the Texans toppling Tennessee last Sunday -
a winner you got for $59, a savings of $60 off the regular price

Winning Day # 10 of 14

- A $10 bettor has won $2,520 past 13 days alone -

2nd Biggest College Release Ever

Pac 12 Game of the Year

Arizona-UCLA a 10:30 Eastern

Bigger than last night's 30 Dimer on Cincy & Over at Tulane

Bigger than Thursday's 50 Dimer on the Saints at Carolina



1st Ever
150 DIME
NFL Play of My Career

Winner - New Orleans pummels Green Bay

And you got it for just $49, a savings of $70 off the regular price


As former President of Fantasy,

there's NO ONE in this industry that follows pro & college sports like me.


- A $10 bettor has won $12,880 in the NFL since the 2011 season -

and I've won 5 of 6 title game releases - 

Use my experience and knowledge to make you a winner!


Cincinnati (-6') rolls at Tulane 38-14

Now 30-11 roll with 10 Dimers the past nine weeks
- including 5-0 since last Thursday -


44 of 69 winning days overall
including a 30-11 roll with 10 dime releases -
and 23-12-1 football run the past eight weeks
- 14-6 roll in the NFL since the preseason -



66-53-5 Free pick roll

Charity Play of the Week 
Wins Again on Tuesday

Time for you to make a Donation

You got my NBA season-opening winner on the Pelicans
in a blowout of the Magic - a $99 pick - for FREE

Donation details on my homepage

or make a donation here......

1,000♦ Pac 12

Game of the Year

Utah at Arizona State

Winning Day #9 of 14

$1 Bettors have made $1,525 during that span

2-1/2 times stronger than last night's 400♦ Winner

Tulsa covering at Memphis

80 Dime
5-TD Punisher

Game has not started

My side wins by 35 points

This is the biggest blowout going on Saturday

80 Dime
PAC-12 Game of the Month

USC - Washington St

Don't Forget Last Saturday's 
100 Dime PAC-12 Game of the Year
Arizona State (-3') over Washington 24-10

5-1 Run College Football Run



75 Dime
Winner # 10 of 15

76ers - Loser

Over the last three years in the NBA and College Hoops
-- I have made $10 bettors $9,960 --


500♦ Pay-After

Saturday Dog Shocker

On line until 5 minutes before kick-off

This dog is getting no respect

Must win, or you will NOT be charged

Winning Day # 117 of 193 - FAILURE

E-Z Money NBA Romp

Loser - Bulls

Matches Wedesday's winner on the Suns by 20 over LA
- a play you got for $22, a savings of $77 off the regular price -
just like today's selection


116-79-3 past 198 plays for a net

profit of 2330 dimes

$10 Bettors are up well over 23 GRAND the past 18 Months

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